Peer Group on Mastering Requirements and Solution Envisioning

How to implement Power Platform or Dynamics 365 solutions that meet stakeholders expectations and make users happy, without blowing up your budget and over engineering your solution.

Everyone knows that a successful project implementation is dependent on many factors. But is having a clear goal, scope, plan and methodology enough?

What almost no one understand is that Shared Understanding of Requirements and Solution Envisioning are key to your project success.

If we get to a Shared Understanding of the requirements and Envision the solution that everyone is dreaming of, your project implementation is sure to be successful.

The Purpose of the "Peer Group" is to help you

  • Have clear process to analyze your client requirements
  • Drive and foster a shared understanding of requirements
  • Have a crystal-clear vision for the platform your are implementing

Peer Group format

The Peer Group is made of:
  • Online videos to watch on your own.
  • 2 x live workshops of 45 minutes each where we will discuss the content of the videos and practice presented techniques on real life situations. 


  • You must be willing to commit about 1hr a week for the duration of the peer group which takes 7 weeks to complete.
  • Fill a feedback questionaire at the end of the Peer Group.


Date Module Format Time for the live workshops
5th of Nov. 2020 Week 1: Introduction Onlive video
12th of Nov. 2020 Week 2: Understand your future Users Onlive video

19th of Nov. 2020 Week 3: Workshop 1
Live workshop 11PM UTC Time
5AM UTC Time
26th of Nov. 2020
Week 4: Define scope and challenge requirements and assumptions
Onlive video
3rd of Dec. 2020 Week 5: Ideate and Prototype solution Onlive video
10th of Dec. 2020 Week 6: Workshop 2
Live workshop 11PM UTC Time
5AM UTC Time
17th of Dec. 2020 Week 7: Test and Validate your solutions Onlive video


Please submit the following form:

Frequently asked questions

What if I can't attend one of the live workshops?
If you can't attend 1 of the workshops for personal reasons, let me know as soon as possible and I try to schedule you in to attend an out of session workshop.