Getting Buy In of your Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Solution Ideas - Using Stories

In my previous video about Buy In I shared with you an experience I had, where I was trying to get Buy In from my stakeholders, but I was getting nowhere. 
People couldn’t connect to the solution I was presenting to them.

Then I used 4 specific techniques to bring back my audience and effectively get Buy In of my solution idea. In this video, we will cover more in details Technique Nr1. Which is “How to get Buy In using Stories and Real life examples”.
So the 4 techniques I briefly covered in my previous video are: 
  1. Use Stories and Real life example to introduce your solutions ideas.
  2. Reiterate the problem and how you came up with the solution.
  3. Know your audience and relate your solution to what they care.
  4. Let your audience co-create the solution with you.

Why using stories:

  • People can relate to them. They can feel the situation which leads to better understanding of the idea and ultimately better contribution
  • Stories are memorable and easily repeatable. Your stakeholder will remember them longer. And will be able discuss them internally after you have presented them.


When presenting solution ideas, I often prepare a slide with the story and scenario I want to demo. 
Below a sample slide that I would use to formulate my story to set the context. 

And only after presenting this slide and introducing my story, I would open Dynamics 365 and start showing screens. 

By doing so, I set the context and give my audience some time process the scenario I am going to cover before showing them screens in Dynamics 365.

Remember that your audience is not as comfortable as you are using the Dynamics 365 User Interface.