Add Forms and Business Process Flow details to your Dynamics 365 Conceptual Diagram

Enhanced your Dynamics 365 Conceptual Diagram with Entity Forms and Business Process Flow details.

In this example, we show the Case Form and Business Process Flow (BPF) details.
Link to the editable diagram so that you customize your own Forms and BPF: Dynamics 365 CS - Conceptual Diagram - Forms and BPF Details

Why and When to use it

The main driver for using the conceptual diagram is to help you get to a shared understanding of the high-level features required by your system to meet the requirements.

Conceptual Diagrams help me explain how I understood the solution to others. I use the Conceptual Diagram in the following context:

  • At the start of most of my workshops to explain and remind the audience what the solution is about and show, on the diagram, what the workshop will be focusing on. Ex: If my workshop is about the Enquiry Process, I will spend more time showing the part of the system that will be discussed during that workshop.
  • As a tool to get a shared understanding and stimulate the generation of ideas.
  • To describe the solution to my team, as it helps me structure my thoughts and narratives when I explain the system.

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