Find an AMAZING name for your system

A powerful technique to start engaging your users and SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) in the build of your solution is by letting them find and choose a name for your Dynamics 365 system.

If you don’t decide on a name early on, end users will often start using different names for the system, which can cause confusion. Alternatively, companies usyally find acronyms for what the system is designed to do:
  • ARD System: Activity and Result Database.
  • CMT: Case Management Tool.
  • CRM System: No explanation needed :-).
which are neither sexy nor engaging.

Instead, involve and engage your users to find a name that means something for them?  They can focus on the problem that the system is solving. What is the main purpose of this system?

Typically, that would result in more meaningful names like:
  • Engage: Resource Management System where the aim is manage all resources data but more importantly to improve the “engagement” of those resources.
  • Twix: “Transform Walls into eXperience”. Name used to improve the collaboration of different departments of the company.

Techniques to find a name:

  1. Discuss the idea with your key users, as some companies have policies around defining names for their systems.
  2. If they are keen with the idea, involve all stakeholders to find and submit name ideas.
  3. Once you have a couple of names, create a poll and ask the same users to vote for the name they like most.
  4. Choose the name that got most votes.
  5. Reward the user that found the chosen name.
  6. Update all your documentation to follow the new name.